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Pastures of Eden Feta

Pastures of Eden Feta

Pastures of Eden and its umbrella group Tnuva has been the target of boycotts for several years as it is in the face of Trader Joe’s customers across the US. Tnuva is the largest dairy producer in Israel with about $1.8 billion in revenues. Tvenu, with 70% market share has actually been the target of  boycotts by Israelis because it has exploited its dominant market share to increase prices higher than many customers felt justifiable.
If you are in the US please tell your local Trader Joe’s cashiers and managers to stop stocking products that support Israel as l apartheid. Or take inspiration from the actions that occurred in Oakland, San Francisco, Pittsburg, Seattle and Sacramento in 2009. At that time, one store manager articulated the goal of such public actions:

“If you convince our customers to stop buying these products, we will stop carrying them.”

EI : US activists de-shelve Israeli products from national grocer

You can also help convince Trader Joe’s to uphold ethical sourcing policies by writing them a message on their online contact form.

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  • Brian - 7 years ago

    Let me know what not to buy!

  • STU Chandler - 4 years ago

    This is big: I feel strongly enough to speak to the manager and send a letter to TRADER JOES CORPORATE. They can go to hell if they refuse to stop stocking such products.

    • admin - 4 years ago

      It is big. Please do contact local managers and corporate offices of Trader Joe’s and please return and comment here with any response you get. Building the movement involves communicating successes and strategies. In solidarity!

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