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AMAV toys (e.g. Bracelet Weaving Kit, Sweet Art Cupcake Decorating Set, Brickle Bricks.)


Ahava (e.g. Dead Sea Water Mineral Shower Gel, Dermud Intensive Foot Cream)

Food Products

Eden Water  (bottled and plumbed water coolers)

Abadi Bakery* (e.g. Mediterranean Savory Cookies)

Carmel Winery* (e.g. Carmel Limited Edition, Carmel Mediterranean)

Fresh Produce

Mehadrin* (e.g. “Jaffa” oranges, Greek yoghurt)

Jordan River* (dates)


Stanley Black & Decker (e.g. drills, microwave, juicers)

Clothing/Personal Care

Delta Galil Industries (e.g. textiles found in Victoria’s Secret, Gap, J-Crew, J.C. Penny, Calvin Klein)

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  • jre - 8 years ago

    “I dont support the academic boycott but I support boycotting SodaStream” Sorry, but in my opinion, thats not how solidarity activism works.

  • Sherron Courneen - 4 years ago

    I don’t understand “jre”, comment three years ago. I wonder if that person has changed their mind. I believe that there are variety of ways to actively stop Israel in its apartheid regime, and all are needed to stop the disgrace of Israel and American complicity in the genocide of the Palestinian people.