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Lees Carpets

Keter Plastics

Caesaria Carpets*

Mapal Plastics*

Carmel Carpets*

Palphot Stationery

Shaked Carpets

Brooklinen Bedding


AMAV toys

Tiny Love

Taf Toys

Tip Top Toys Star




Ofrat Baby Toys



Dead Sea




Sea Spa & Sea of Spa




 The Body Shop  L’OREAL  Desheli


Teva Pharmaceuticals

Lithotech Medical*

Food Products

Eden Water*


Sabra Dipping Co


Abadi Bakery*

Adanim Tea Co*

Ahdut Sweets*

Almog Tradex*

Psagot Winery*

Shamir Salads*

Teperberg 1870

Tishbi Estate Winery


Strauss Group

Max Brenner

Carmel Winery

Barkan Winery

Binyamina Winery

Golan Heights Winery

Tempo Beer Industries

Aroma Nama*

Pastures of Eden Feta

 B&W Foods Tribe Hummus

Fresh Produce

Mehadrin (Jaffa)





Ada Fresh*


Eitan & Inon Herbs*


Jordan River

King Solomon

Morten Export*

Tamar Hazahad*

Tekoa Mushroom


Stanley Black & Decker








Delta Galil Industries

Home Skinovations

 Sabon Israeli diamonds
Castro  Victoria’s Secret
 Online MyHeritage.com AirBnB* (linked to Aljazeera: Price of renting Airbnb on illegal Israeli settlements)  WIX.com (including



Tescom Software Testing Systems

AFCON Control & Automation

Contel ITS

Maran Engineering


Bar Ilan University

Perion Network



Discount Bank*


Hamashbir Holdings

Hapoalim Bank

Gemini Israel Ventures

Landmark Ventures

Leumi Bank

Mizrahi Tefahot Bank*

B Gaon Holdings

Construction & Production


Barad Co

DNM Technical*

Yamit ELI Filtration



 Nesher* Automotive Equipment Group

Readymix Industries*




El Far Electronic

Motorola Solutions

Shamrad Electronics


Star Night Tech Samy Katsav Group ODF Optronics

Hewlett Packard (HP)


Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

Contact Int’l


Israel Aerospace Industries

Israel Military Industries

Israel Weapon Industries

Samy Katsav Group Defense Industries Int’l

*doing business directly involved in the Occupied Territories and illegal settlements

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  • Subeena - 3 years ago

    Should be boycott coke, Pepsi and Mcdonalds ?

    • Brenda (admin) - 3 years ago

      We are here focused on companies based primarily in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. While there has been interest in boycotting international companies doing business with Israel, we feel the emphasis on Israeli companies better serves to bring attention to the illegal and unethical actions of the Israeli government.

      • bernadette phillips - 1 year ago

        BRENDA – ADMIN Please see my post on Manchester City FC’s decision to accept sponsorship deal with WIX.COM to host all their websites for fans and players linking mcfc clubs in NY and Melbourne – WIX HAVE headquarters in Israel – subsidised and backed by the state of Israel and now reaching millions of people worldwide

    • Colin Redmond - 2 years ago

      Yes, they should be boycotted for many reasons other than support for Israeli apartheid.

    • Scott Buckman - 1 week ago

      Aside from this list, yes McDonalds, Coca Cola and others are part of the BDS list. This list here is the ones who directly affect the financial state of Israel. Boycott worked in S. Africa, and the US finally took a stand against it also. If we are proactive, and focussed on helping the Palestinian people, and stopping the robbing of American people, we might have an impact. I worked for McDonald’s for years, and once touted them as the best fast food chain on the market. Today, I boycott them, along with any entity that supports Israel in any way…

  • charles blake - 3 years ago

    i was looking for a list of musicians who’ve performed in Israel….?….(Just got caught out by martha wainwright gig last week etc. in UK)

    • Brenda (admin) - 3 years ago

      We haven’t found a specific list yet, but we’ll see what we can do to create one! Any help is greatly appreciated. For now, here’s an article on the call for cultural boycott in action for 2014 http://www.pacbi.org/etemplate.php?id=2648&key=musicians

      • Gayyle - 2 years ago

        Big time companies that support Israel and actively cause oppression, torture, and killing of Palestinians by the Military using their products. ***Hewlett Packard and Motorola! !!

        • MICHAEL ALTMAN - 2 months ago

          torturing and killing didn’t know that. Could you send me some proof?
          Would be much appreciated.

  • Jose - 2 years ago

    Should we boycott Caterpillar as well?

    • admin - 2 years ago

      Most certainly Caterpillar should be targeted for boycott and divestment actions as its militarized bulldozers and equipment are regularly used in the demolition of Palestinian homes and farms and during Israeli invasions of Gaza. The Presbyterian Church USA, Quaker Friends Fiduciary Corporation (FFC) and The United Church of Christ have all passed successful divestment resolutions against the company.

  • Jocelyn Bouchard - 2 years ago

    How Palestine will be affected with the boycott of Israel?

    • Brenda (admin) - 2 years ago

      A good question, and one we aim to publish a full article on in due course. The key consideration is that the Palestinians themselves asked for (and continue to be supportive of) an international bds action in solidarity with their struggle for justice. The livelihoods of Palestinians are already severely restrained and dictated by Israel. The ultimate goal of equitable, peaceful and respectful co-existence in historical Palestine far outweighs any temporary hurdles that may arise as a result of bds.

      • MICHAEL ALTMAN - 2 months ago

        making SodaStream move caused a whole Arab village to lose their livelihood.

  • Becky isais - 2 years ago

    Let our wallets be our tanks

  • S - 2 years ago

    I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to label Israeli products in the supermarket to raise the profile of the boycott and, where could I get such stickers anyway?

    • Brenda (admin) - 2 years ago

      Such stickers are available from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in the UK, http://www.palestinecampaign.org/products-page/shop/badges/bds-stickers/. Similar are available from other BDS organisations internationally. Please be aware of and abide by any restrictions placed by store policies and by local laws; proceed with caution.

    • Jon - 2 years ago

      Be careful it is criminal damage and my friend got caught and now has a criminal record

  • Tarin - 2 years ago

    hi I thought I read somewhere that Home Depot was on the boycott list. Is this true?

    • Brenda (admin) - 2 years ago

      The list here on bdslist.org focuses on Israeli companies doing business internationally. As Home Depot is an American company, we have not included it here. Home Depot has, however, been included on more comprehensive lists because of its strong corporate support for Israel. It is up to the individual to decide on the breadth of his or her own boycott decisions. Here are two profiles on Home Depot that may be of interest: http://www.cjpmo.org/DisplayDocument.aspx?DocumentID=1603 and http://www.inminds.com/boycott-home-depot.html.

    • Davide Benkirane - 2 years ago

      I have boycotted them long ago for their support of the Zionist party

  • Chouaib Boukaftane - 2 years ago

    Are brands like Coca Cola, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Starbucks on the list of BDS?The list given above doesn’t include any well known international clothing company. Do you have such list? Thanks

  • Ruben Quintana - 2 years ago

    Add Johnson and Johnson products to your list. http://www.jnj.com/sites/default/files/pdf/Subsidiaries.pdf

    When looking at big conglomerates, each company has to provide a complete list of all subsidiaries and country of origin, so future investors are fully informed.

    • admin - 2 years ago

      “Israeli companies and international firms that participate in Israel’s human rights violations” are the focus of BDS. It is true what is stated on bdsmovement.net that “Consumer boycotts are most effective when they are targeted, strategic, based on accurate data and have the potential to win wide support.”

      Given the nature of global capitalism, many international companies have different types of presence in Israel but only those international companies that actively participate in the occupation (like G4S, Caterpillar, Hewlett Packard) are the target of boycotts.

  • William Poirier - 2 years ago

    money talks

  • jamal ghannam - 2 years ago

    great job

  • Aaqib - 2 years ago

    Boycott israell

  • Gretchen - 2 years ago

    Also read somewhere not to buy Victoria’s Secret clothing.

  • Talha - 2 years ago

    I had to say as a muslim i am in so much happy to see that people have finally gotten mature enough to to look past the religious differences and pointing out what is wrong and what is right.
    Though the list doesn’t contain any thing that is sold in Pakistan. I will try to make a list of the Israel brand and upload here

  • Tania - 2 years ago

    One product at a time to target is more efficient and easier to colaborate everwhere

  • Jane - 2 years ago

    I noticed The Body Shop selling Dead Sea products, despite their statements that they participate in using products from areas that they are fairly paying the indigenous peoples. Should they be added or boycotted ? In my humble opinion, yes and would like assistance in doing so.
    Jane Zacher Student and activist Philadelphia PA

  • Eric - 2 years ago

    In the US Markets Hygiene & Cosmetics products sold by Walmart, Wallgreen’s and Safeway under the brand “Fresh & Go” are MADE IN #APARTHEID #israel …
    Ref: http://www.buyisraelgoods.org/scripts/mrkt_Home.asp?market_id=1&category_id=4

    Feel free to use “www.BuyIsraelGoods.org” to complete and verify your list, heck they did extensive research paid by zionists , let’s use it (:^) !!! A form of political aïkido: Use the huge resources of the opposition to hasten their own downfall: Hajime – IPPON! (;^) …

    • William Poirier - 2 years ago

      some things are easy to avoid,and boycott,,,,like BLACK and DECKER,,,,,,,,I do not buy their products,,,,,TEVA from a medical stand point is also as easy since their are other products in the market,,,,,,these are some things,,,,I do write to companies and tell the about hte BDS

    • Jane Zacher - 2 years ago

      I noticed The Body Shop, carrying Dead Sea items. Their corporate brand, states economy and local community friendly. They should be on the list, especially if they are marketing, and profiting, from a slogan, that is false.

  • Gayle - 2 years ago

    How about Hewlett Packard and Motorola? They are big time supporters of Israel. I heard Apple and Samsung are also.

    • Ian Robertson - 1 month ago

      How do we boycott Intel? I believe that they may be Israel’s single largest employer

      • admin - 1 month ago

        As stated above, the boycott is a strategy, not a principle. You are certainly welcome to boycott Intel and make clear how much support they are providing to maintaining the status quo, but the emphasis of BDS is on targeted campaigns that can have the greatest impact.

  • Daniela Fernandes - 2 years ago

    Hello! My cable/phone/internet operator MEO (Portugal) has recently added an israeli channel. What should I do?

  • K. Ibrahim. - 2 years ago

    The companies enlisted should have had the respective logo’s, so that they can be easily identified.

  • Eric - 2 years ago

    Just to follow via e-mail ‘cuz the link of my original comment expired and since there’s “wordpress” Follow button (or like (;^) ) I Figued I have to comment to follow your blog…
    Keep up the good work!

  • Ketil N - 1 year ago

    I wonder if the ancestry business My Heritage is ok to buy sevices from.

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Thank you for bringing the MyHeritage.com website to our attention. The site boasts on its career page that “MyHeritage is one of the top consumer web companies in Israel” and as such it is a prime target for boycott. A portion of all money spent on its services goes to the Israeli government in taxes and is used to perpetuate the violations of international laws that BDS aims to stop. It has been added to our list.

  • Laura Fawzia - 1 year ago

    And obviosuly Air BnB now.

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Of course, given their listing of properties in illegal settlements! Added!

  • Romarl - 1 year ago

    I want to take part in the work of BDS, please advise how to.

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Thank you for your interest in supporting BDS, this urgent movement for Palestinian Human Rights and an end to Israeli violations of International law. The greatest help you could offer our site is writing stories about the different brands and products on our list. This site is proving a remarkably useful resource for people around the world, with hundreds of unique visitors daily. Building this site can help the BDS achieve its goals!

  • IV - 1 year ago

    DeSheli is an Israeli brand of hygiene products, please add them!

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Added, thank you! Would you be interested in writing a short piece about the company and its role in aiding Israeli policies? Please drop us a line if you are.

  • eoin - 1 year ago

    What about McDonald’s and kfc etc

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Excellent question. The immediate targets of BDS for active campaigning are selected for a variety of reasons, including context sensitivity, how much they contribute to the occupation, and the possibility of success. Currently the Palestinian BDS National Committee, from who we take our tactical cues and strategic direction, do not seem to be targeting KFC and McDonalds. This does not mean they will not be targets in the future.

  • Mark - 1 year ago

    Why is MyHeritage.com on the list?

    • admin - 1 year ago

      MyHeritage.com is an Israeli company headquartered in Or Yehuda, Israel.

  • bernadette phillips - 1 year ago

    I am a supporter of the BDS campaign and for human rights and freedoms for the Palestinians. I am also a Manchester City supporter, which you may be aware are now becoming a global entity with a club in NYC, their support is growing worldwide. I was extremely disappointed to find out that they have recently entered into a sponsorship agreement with Wix.com an Israeli based this is a disgrace….and could – and SHOULD negatively affect the support Manchester City has around the world. I fell that if a petition was started to attempt to encourage City to withdraw from this agreement it would be internationally recognised which can only be a good thing for BDS.

  • Jonathan Myers - 1 year ago

    Isn’t man City owned by a Qatar based family are you sure they would use an Israeli company
    Why are they not boycotting it

  • rose shirvani - 1 year ago

    What about L’Oreal? A turn over of 25billion this year! They own lots of other brands.

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Indeed, L’Oreal has long been targeted and is already listed above under cosmetics. If you’d like to write a piece on it and its brands, we welcome contributions.

  • Josh - 1 year ago

    I am wondering whether Viber should be boycotted. I have used the service for years – but I just found out through a friend that it was founded in Israel. Recently it was taken over by Japanese but its main operations base continues to be in Israel. I am trying to avoid companies that not only do business in the occupied territories but also all of greater Israel as this is money for the continued occupation. Any thoughts about Viber and whether a switch Skype or Whats App is an alternative? Thanks

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Hi Josh, from what I can gather online it does Viber continues to have links and a development center in Israel so best find an alternative. Thanks added to the list!

      • Zahra - 7 months ago

        What about Waze? Doesn’t it also have centers in Israel?

        • Rachel - 7 months ago

          Waze was developed by Israelis, and then bought by Google.
          I suggest not to use Waze and google

        • ul - 7 months ago

          Yes !
          Their offices are on the industrial zone of an area that used to be populated with Arabs, prior to the 1948 Nakba. The area is called ‘Hirbet – Azun’ or ‘Tabsur’ as the locals’ called it.
          Waze should be boycotted as part of the battle with the Zionist war machine.

  • bernadette phillips - 1 year ago

    Please start boycott against WIX.COM – backed by the Israeli government and new website sponsors of Manchester City Football Club – manchester City Football group and it’s associated teams Manchester City New York and Manchester City Melbourne. Wix are gaining immeasurable worldwide publicity following this deal and as such will benefit greatly as will the backing given to Israel….it will also upset millions of fans worldwide…Please help get this off the ground…we need to pressure Mancehrster City

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Thank you for sharing this with us Bernadette. WIX.com has been re-added to our list (it inadvertently slipped off). Please let us know if of any BDS action against WIX.com and whether you’d like to right a short piece for the site about the company.

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Thanks, added! In a report Who Profits listed JCB as one of the companies used to demolish Palestinian homes : ‘A JCB loader (model 456e ZX) and a Case loader (model 590 Super R) were used by the company during these demolitions. On its website, the company takes special pride in “a large number of complicated demolitions in villages in the Arab sector.”’

  • tracey - 1 year ago

    should we be boycotting Nike, New Balance and Reebok – three companies that the PSC have been talking about recently?

  • Ladeed - 1 year ago

    What we can do rather than boycotting their products in a peaceful manner?

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Do not underestimate the power of BDS as peaceful grassroots movement. As Omar Barghouti was quoted as saying just today: “BDS might cost Israel in the next 10 years one percent to two percent of its GDP annually… about $28 billion to $56 billion.So, imagine that – this soft, non-violent human rights movement that’s global and led by Palestine civil society can affect Israel’s economy to the extent that we can offset the entire U.S. aid to Israel which is one of the main reasons why Israel’s regime of oppression is able to maintain its denial of Palestinian rights.” (Salon)

  • Ladeed - 1 year ago

    Above caterpillar is listed so is it a comprehensive boycott on caterpillar. I mean they’ve shoes,jackets etc. Should we want to boycott that?

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Yes. When a company is targeted for boycott they should be comprehensively boycotted so that they feel the pressure to stop supporting the apartheid practiced by Israel.

  • ladeed - 1 year ago

    hi friends I’m from India only very few in listed above is seen in Indian market. suggest me some brands which have greater ties with Israeli government it isn’t necessary they haven’t direct link in genocide

  • dennis - 1 year ago

    What about Iherb.com? I see the shipping address is: Worldwide Blvd, Hebron

    • admin - 1 year ago

      No. Iherb.com is not on our list of products to boycott. I think you may have been confused by the placename. Iherb.com is based in Hebron, Kentucky, U.S.A.

  • Sheila - 1 year ago

    Should Keter be boycotted? They are the leading manufacturer of plastic sheds and garden boxes in the UK and their products are sold by Amazon, supermarkets, Argos, etc.

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Certainly do. Keter HQ are next to the Arab village ‘Ijlil al-Qibliyya’ which was depopulated in the Nakba. Keter’s money goes directly to the Zionist war machine and helps keeping the apartheid and the occupation.
      [this comment supplied by the user, UL… thanks to UL!]

  • Garrett McConnell - 1 year ago

    Because of New Law signed by Gov. Cuomo, NY please look into unconstitutional law Let no one Stop this movement!

  • UL - 1 year ago

    Should we not fly to/from Tacoma airport in Seattle? The airport just bought a system to protect the runways from debris – a system which was developed by an Israeli company called Xsight. Any tax that we pay to the airport finances the Zionist war machine.

  • Jack - 1 year ago

    What we need is an app that we can use while shopping.. No-one can remember the entire list. Would be a simple app that would update the list automatically.. Scan the barcode and get a red or green light.. I might be able to help with this.

    • Heesoo - 1 year ago

      Hi, Jack. I use apps Buycott and/or boycott_israel to help me grocery shop along with other shopping. The only drawback to these apps are that they are barcode scan only for the most part, so to find if specific companies have ties to Israel/Zionist movement, I search up the company barcode on google image and scan it with the app.

  • Sadaf Zagha - 1 year ago

    Is VictoriaSecret on the BDS list as well?

  • Maha - 1 year ago

    Should we boycott Starbucks
    There has been many rumors about it yet Starbucks’ website denies it

    • admin - 1 year ago

      We often encounter confusion in the BDS movement about whether McDonald’s and Starbucks are on the list. The answer from the BDS National Committee is that
      “Effective BDS campaigns are based on accurate research. There is a lot of information online claiming that big companies give money to Israel. Sometimes these rumours turn out to be false.
      For example, some campaigners call for a boycott of Starbucks. But Starbucks doesn’t have any stores in Israel and officially confirms that it does not support Israel.
      Companies such as McDonald’s are not priorities for the BDS movement at this stage. We focus on companies that play a clear and direct role in sustaining Israeli violations of international law and that we can have a tangible impact upon.”

    • simon - 1 year ago

      Starbucks closed it stores its stores in Israel (after struggling with intense competition with local players). And Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz is well known as a big force behind America’s Zionist lobby.

      • admin - 1 year ago

        Yes. See above for our previous response to questions about Starbucks and why it’s not on our list.

  • mariam - 1 year ago

    Please send me the online list.

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Thank you for your interest. We don’t currently have a downloadable version of the list but as it’s an oft requested feature we should make one available. Again, we appreciate any offers of assistance in the maintenance of this site. Unlike sites supported by the Israel lobby, we do not have huge resources :)

  • Brad Taylor - 1 year ago

    You should make available bumper stickers,pins hats,t-shirts and the like. Info on petitions, etc . Stickers to go on pro solidarity products and blacklists of organizations, and companies refusing to assist .

  • Kathryn Hoffman - 1 year ago

    Is the Motorola Company as a whole being boycotted? I just bought a smart phone I can afford, and it’s made by Motorola Company, not Motorola Solutions (which I gather is invoked in doing ‘security’ for Israel in the occupied territories). My son is a member of BDS and told me he thought the international company was begin boycotted. Please

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Motorola Solutions is listed above and has long been a target of BDS for its very close ties with the Israeli military especially in regard to the supply of surveillance equipment. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) successfully passed a resolution in 2014 to divest from Motorola Solutions. Motorola Mobility is a separate company (since 2011) and appears to have no direct involvement or support for the Israeli occupation so is not a target of BDS.

  • Muhammad Fazil - 1 year ago

    Not Intel? I heard that they vacated a whole village for their production plant

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Omar Barghouti, a confounder of the BDS movement, directly addressed the question of boycotting Intel at a meeting in Berkeley CA in 2016 and said that while Intel is a very significant contributor the coffers of the Israeli government and and has benefitted from its policies of ethnic cleansing, at this time the BDS National Committee have not made Intel a target of specific boycott campaigns from strategic reasons. He emphasized the importance of building the movement by taking on targets for which success is realistically achievable in the short term. Other groups have independently targeted Intel for its place in apartheid Israel. (Innovative Minds: Intel)

    • ul - 1 year ago

      Which village is that? I didn’t hear about that. Please enlighten me in the recent brutal act of the Zionist invaders.

  • Judith Emanuel - 1 year ago

    Are Shamir Optical Industry Ltd on the BDS list?

    • admin - 1 year ago

      As an Israeli company it should certainly be boycotted, and alternative preferred, though the company is not the target of active boycott campaigns by the BDS National Committee.

  • Sadick Mohamed - 1 year ago

    freepalestine is a nelsonmandela cause which southafricans hold dear – #apartheidisrael cannot win with their war criminal cause !

  • MissusH - 1 year ago

    Didn’t SodaStream move their operations in response to the BDS pressure applied to their company?

    • admin - 1 year ago

      The BDS movement successfully pressured the company to close (at least sooner than planned) its factory in an illegal settlement, but the company is still very much a target, not just because it moved to an area developed by displacing Palestinian bedouins. BDS is a comprehensive boycott of Israeli companies and companies supporting its policies, not just settlement companies.

  • Patricia Kiernan - 1 year ago


  • maein - 1 year ago

    the McDonald’s is not in this list,so should we still boycott it? is there any reference which I can refer regarding McDonald’s contribution to Israel?

    • admin - 1 year ago

      You can read this answer above: “The immediate targets of BDS for active campaigning are selected for a variety of reasons, including context sensitivity, how much they contribute to the occupation, and the possibility of success. Currently the Palestinian BDS National Committee, from whom we take our tactical cues and strategic direction, do not seem to be targeting KFC and McDonalds. This does not mean they will not be targets in the future.”
      You can see on this updated page of the BDS National Committee, it’s focus on targetted boycotts: BDS: What to boycott

      • Dr. Barbara Rosenow von Schlegell - 2 weeks ago

        I want to recommend for boycott the Akhva Company, purveyors of “Israeli” food (all products are Arab in origin). They are based in the 1980 occupied territory named Barkan. Founded by West Bank settlers, the company is hard selling its items to the US market. Horrified to find that Sadaf in LA carries every item they export. Your package of halva is marked “Made in Israel” Apologize if this has has been posted before; do not see it on the latest BDS list.

  • Kelly Martin - 1 year ago

    truly is this all of the list? I have a barcode scanner as well. Is that accurate?

    • admin - 1 year ago

      The Palestinian BDS National Committee emphasizes a targetted approach to the boycott campaign and “context sensitivity,” that is if activists in a region have good reasons to boycott a particular company they will be supported.
      BDS: What to boycott.
      Certainly avoiding any product made in Israel is a good idea to avoid providing financial support to the Israeli government and companies profiting from its apartheid policies. If any app can help with that, all the better.

  • kiki - 1 year ago

    I just ordered Brooklinen sheets and took them out of the wash, excited to use them… and then saw the tag: “Made in Israel.” Are they are your list?

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Definitely anything with a label that says “Made in Israel” should be boycotted. It seems Brooklinen has decided to team up with a factory in Israel and it is worth letting them know that such economic support for Israel ignores the Palestine BDS call and supports Israeli apartheid. The list is focussed on companies that have active campaigns directed towards them… Please let us know if you write an email or take further action and we’ll certainly add them to the list.

  • Blumpkin - 1 year ago

    I saw some food items (Deyafa Dates) at a local market and I think it should be added to the boycott. Apparently the parent company Sinokrot is based out of Jerusalem. I asked the store manager to change their date supplier and he agreed.

  • Billie Shannon - 1 year ago

    I think that Google also should be boycotted, since they bought many Israelis companies.

  • Daniel A Dubay - 1 year ago

    Thanks for the list. I heard Google was also complicit in Israeli apartheid. Is that true?

  • Stephen - 1 year ago

    I didn’t see Ben and Jerry’s on the list… are they still selling ice cream in the settlements?

  • Collin Stewart - 1 year ago

    Now is the time to go after Samsung to get out of Israel. They’re hurting from the Galaxy 7 issue. We threaten to buy Alcatel or something that isn’t connected to Israel. I have a Samsung right now and it is time to replace it.

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Excellent idea! Reply here with any campaign ideas.

  • Gayle G. - 1 year ago

    Nestle should also be on the list I’m pretty sure. I heard about Samsung but I also heard that maybe Apple should be on the list. Can’t buy too much that isn’t supporting Israel. :(

  • Therese - 1 year ago

    I buy gluten free products for my son and there’s a company called Gratify, which makes pretzels and crackers. I had been buying them for a while and just noticed the company appears to be based in Israel. Anyone familiar? Boycott?

  • Peggy Casto - 1 year ago

    I am boycotting Walgreens drugstore for selling unsuspecting over the counter allergy medications. On the box, Made in Israel. I did not look further…so I no longer shop at the store.

  • renni - 1 year ago

    I just closed my airbnb account. I’m no longer host in the web.. I fully support BDS Movement.

  • Casa Alexander - 1 year ago

    I have been boycotting for years, I know many companies have reconciled their positions in funding the war over that time,but has the list got even smaller by 2016?

  • Sarwar - 1 year ago

    I have started boycotting Israeli products as well as other products (who somehow support Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories).I am used to spread this movement among the people here in Bangladesh.But hardly they take it seriously. So I wanna run this movement here in Bangladesh and wanna arrange BDS flash mob,Rap/street music,Stunt show to Boost up the BDS movement.That’s why I need to run a facebook group & page.In this regard I want to ensure you that I will not break any government rule.Do you have any problem if I do so?..What is your opinion?

    • admin - 1 year ago

      Brilliant! So glad to hear you are planning such actions as a BDS flash mob, Rap/street music, or Stunt show. I strongly encourage you to get organizing, by doing something like setting up social media pages, so people can learn more about the movement. Campaigns and actions like your suggesting are far more important than individuals just saying they say support the consumer boycott. Carefully targeted boycott campaigns that can boost public awareness and show public support through their success are the heartbeat of BDS. This site like all BDS activists take ultimate guidance from the Palestinian BDS National Committee. They are very aware of the importance of “context sensitivity,” and know that people in activists in Bangladesh will be best at determining local campaigns and targets that have the best chances of success. Please check out their site for more guidance and info (bdsmovement.net : GET INVOLVED Ideas for Action)… and get back in touch if you have further questions or news of your campaigns. In solidarity!

  • Tarin - 1 year ago

    what are the companies/products in blue? thanks

    • Faisal - 1 year ago

      What about TV shows with Jewish or Israeli actors? Shouldn’t we add those to the list and hurt any TV series that would dare cast one of them?

      • admin - 12 months ago

        TV shows that accept funding from the Israeli government are certainly targets of BDS. A campaign against the series ‘Dig’ bought by USA Network successfully drew attention to the way tv shows can be used to promote Israel’s “military occupation and illegal colonization.” Religion is always irrelevant to the selection of targets and campaigning by BDS. What matters is involvement and support with Israel and its violations of international law and Palestinians’ human rights. As Bassem Tamimi recently said, Netanyahu could convert to Islam tomorrow and the boycott would remain in place.
        Please let us know of any tv show you feel is serving Israeli propaganda purposes and would be a suitable target for campaigning.

    • admin - 12 months ago

      The companies in blue have an article on this website explaining why they should be boycotted. We’re always looking for new contributors and would like to turn a lot more on the list blue. Please contact us if you’d like to write a little piece.

  • John Dou - 12 months ago

    I would like to ask about Medjool dates grown in California U.S.A. There are several Israeli growers but I do not have information about brands. Any information about which U.S grown Medjool dates are supportive of Israeli terrorism?

    • admin - 12 months ago

      Excellent question. Here’s our page about Israeli Dates. Lots of lovely juicy Medjool dates are available in California, usually proudly labelled. We’re not aware of any agricultural company growing dates that is supportive of Israeli violations of international law, so please let us know if you find anything. We were recently alerted about Israeli dates being distributed by WH Smith by Osem Ltd in the UK. It is vital to check the label.

  • Nieza - 11 months ago

    Is MCD included in the list? I need some clarification. Thank you.

  • Amr - 11 months ago

    Should we boycott WhatApp? The owner spoke against BDS.

  • nasr - 11 months ago

    Boycott INTEL, buy only PC’s with AMD processors!

    INTEL CORPORATION has a large manufacturing facility in Kiryat Gat, built on the ruins of an Arab Village taken by Israel from its inhabitants after the 1949 armistice agreement and in violation of that agreement. Many of the owners of this land live as refugees awaiting the return assured them in UN Resolution 194. Isn’t this on the list?

  • Rafin S Fastur - 10 months ago

    How can I as a tourist visit the Holy Land sites and still be a supporter of “Boycott, Divestiture, Sanctions”? When I boycott Israel’s economic, banking, commercial, military, academic, cultural and tourism activities, I do not want to end up hurting the rights and income of the Palestinian people.

    • UL - 10 months ago

      you can’t !
      Don’t go to holy land

  • Willie - 10 months ago

    Can you make this downloadable on google docs or as a pdf or something? I think this would be an excellent list to be able to spread around more and add to, depending of the needs of different organizations.

  • NotifyingGal - 10 months ago

    The chic, expensive greeting card company Papyrus sells greeting cards made in Israel

  • Jeff monson - 10 months ago

    Add Sabra hummus to this list

  • emily - 9 months ago

    Avgol nonwovens is a company that makes textiles for hygienic products such as diapers and feminine products. they operate a plant in the barkan industrial complex, in the west bank. Procter and Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, and Pampers are all customers of Avgol and get many of their product’s material from Avgol
    even if you dont list procter and gamble, you should list Avgol nonwovens.

  • Zahra - 8 months ago

    Are Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, or Estee Lauder still currently the target of boycotts?

  • Ras - 8 months ago

    can you tell which supports palestine?

  • Bonnie Arnold - 8 months ago

    What banks are involved in BDS?

  • J D Ansari - 7 months ago

    It’s good idea

  • Radwa - 7 months ago

    What about H&M?

  • Haseeb - 6 months ago

    Hugo boss? Any conflicts

  • James Osage - 6 months ago

    Does Nike support Israel? Plz answer.

  • Shuayb - 6 months ago

    Maintain the pressure

  • Ain - 6 months ago

    May i know if Young Living should be boycotted as well since they own a farm in israel so they must’ve contributed to israel also right?

  • Shuayb - 6 months ago

    Whst about Jacobs coffee??

  • Dala - 6 months ago

    I have been told that I should not patronize Starbucks because it should be on the BDS list. I know that you have said that you’re no longer focusing on companies from the United States, but still, some people are wanting to boycott these businesses which are in the Middle East.

    Is there evidence that Starbucks has ever met the requirements to be on the BDS list? I can find no evidence that they have aided Israel. I do believe they used to have some of their stores in Israel, but they have pulled them.

    • Mikel - 6 months ago

      There are NO Starbuck stores in Israel. This is the Middle East and there are too many coffee stores and coffee roasters that they could NOT compete against. So they left MANY years ago. Maybe 20.

    • UL - 6 months ago

      Starbucks owns a part of Soda Stream, an Israeli soda company that used to exploit Arab land by having their factory and HQ in the west bank.
      Totally needs to be boycotted.

  • Alan - 5 months ago

    I see SodaStream closed their plant in Ma’ale. Do they still have other factories in occupied territories or even in Isreal?

    • admin - 5 months ago

      Pushing SodaStream out of occupied territory was a great BDS success, but SodaStream is still very much a target of BDS campaigning. It has expanded its factory in Rahat, an area built on land taken from Bedouins surrounded by “unrecognized” Bedouin villages which suffer from Israeli policies of house demolition and restrictions on agriculture. Keep up the pressure! And remember the Palestine BDS National Committee selects targets for their support of the Israeli government and various criteria… whether they have operations in the occupied Palestine is just one consideration.

  • Gerrard - 4 months ago

    What about unilever and danone?
    I don’t know about unilever and its connection with israel, but some people keep urging to boycott its products.
    And for Danone, they have cooperation with Strauss groups which update at 1996.

  • John - 3 months ago

    Should we also boycott the new iPhones (8 and X) since Israeli company’s have a huge role in planning and producing of these new models?

    • admin - 3 months ago

      Definitely not a high priority at the moment. Remember BDS is a strategy not a principle. Targets for boycott are selected for a variety of reasons including complicity in the occupation and depending on the local context of the campaign… the overall leadership is always from the Palestinian BDS National Committee and they’ve not issued any advice regarding Apple. You are of course welcome to let Apple and any company that significantly supports the Israeli government economically and otherwise how their support helps maintain the status quo of a system of apartheid. I encourage you to check their page and sign up for action alerts https://bdsmovement.net/get-involved/action-alerts

  • Sana - 2 months ago

    What about the brand Sadaf and all of the smaller brands it owns?

  • carol martin - 2 months ago

    Im intetested in joining this group..to further educate myself and my family and friends here in this occupied land they call canada

    • admin - 2 months ago

      Great to have you aboard. The struggles against colonial powers and their dispossession of lands from native peoples intersect and gain power from their combined power.

  • Luca - 2 months ago

    Is Strauss Family Creamery part of Strauss Group? Thanks

    • admin - 2 months ago

      There’s no connection, and actually different spelling (it’s Straus Family). The Strauss group, maker of Sabra Hummous, has been a strong supporter of the IDF soldiers, particularly in the notorious Golani Brigade, and should be actively boycotted with campaigns wherever possible.

  • Rebeca Robertson - 2 months ago

    Disgusting what they do. From now on I will also join the ban

  • ZAKARIA ZAINAL ABIDIN - 2 months ago

    We’re boikoting Mcd since 2013

  • sevenkul - 2 months ago

    Why is Stanley Black & Decker is in the boycott list? I couldn’t find anything wrong about it. I think you should provide reasons and proofs for further entries into the list.

  • . - 2 months ago

    Is The Body Shop is still on the list? Because L’ORÉAL sold it to another company this year

  • Begum - 2 months ago

    What about marks and spencer? Aren’t they a huge contributor to the Israeli economy?
    River island, Arcadia group and Baryl M cosmetics?

  • BELLO HAKEEM - 2 months ago

    Let’s be honest with ourselves, we need to let every individual Muslim and organizations know the boycott products and boycott them so that by that we can assist our brethren in Palestine.

    • Daniel - 2 months ago

      Don’t forget about those of us who are not Muslim but are 100% behind BDS.

      • MICHAEL ALTMAN - 2 months ago

        Most of the Moslems I know don’t want to boycott the products they manufacture here in Israel. Remember that 20% of Israelis are Moslem then there are the Christians and Bhai.

        • Muna - 2 months ago

          This should not be about any religion. we should stick to the objective of the BDS.

          • MICHAEL ALTMAN - 2 months ago

            I as understand it – The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (also known as BDS and the BDS Movement) is a global campaign attempting to increase economic and political pressure on Israel to end what it describes as violations of international law.
            Maybe someone can explain to me what International laws we are talking about here? If your answer is taking land during the ’67 war – who was the land taken from? Jordan? Palestine was before ’48 the whole of the area including present day Israel. People had Palestine passports that were issued by the British and then replaced with Israeli passports. If I am wrong please explain..

  • Jim - 1 month ago

    Does the BDS also active in horrible places as Burma? I think it should focus the efforts of boycott as a direct link to # of civilian casualties

    • admin - 1 month ago

      BDS is a movement started by Palestinians in 2005 to address the injustices of the Israeli occupation. It is a struggle that intersects with movements of oppressed populations around the world often with very active connections.

      • MICHAEL ALTMAN - 1 month ago

        What about the injustices of the Jordan occupation since 1948? Palestine was the name the Romans gave to Israel. What you call Palestine now is not a unified unit but a collection of tribes and families. In theory you need something like a 12 state solution. The only Arab states that work well are comprised of one tribe. Hope this helps why the problem has lasted so long. The ME is not based on Democracy like where you live.

  • Diana. - 1 month ago

    Hi, what about Tivall and Sabra foods?

    • MICHAEL ALTMAN - 1 month ago

      What about the NEW anti-cancer breakthroughs from Machon Weizman?

  • Muna - 1 month ago

    Can we block the Israelis comments here? They are trying to Isreal (to rob) this conversation too?

    • MICHAEL ALTMAN - 1 month ago

      Personally I have always believed that everyone should have a voice. Half the time I am not sure if I have all the facts. Anyway you need to speak to both sides of a conflict before deciding what you understand and believe. Your heart is usually a very good judge.

  • MD SARWAR IMAM - 1 month ago

    I am working hard to get information about companies in India which are supporting the brutal and evil state of Israel, so I can organise a movement against them in India. If anybody will help me in this, I will and ask people to boycott on Large scale to the product of such evil company

    • MICHAEL ALTMAN - 1 month ago

      I suppose the military is a good start as Israel helped India win the Kargil war. Israel has for many years helped farmers make a living from 500 acres. Israel trains your commandos – and has helped with water technology so farmers can survive. I think as we speak Israel is helping India clean and the Ganges river. Israel is supplying the India navy and both countries are doing a project for making missiles to protect India. Looks like India is doing OK with Israel.

      • Muna - 1 month ago

        Why is Nestle and Danone not in the list? I hear that they have their R&D in the stolen lands? I have stopped it in from my distribution company.
        As for the Indians question, they can start with the retail sector which is easy to boycott. Having decision making rights in large distribution companies would help block these products and pursuada Indians own brands which are now world class

  • Karlene - 1 month ago

    Boycott PayPal. PayPal denies service to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza while Israeli settlers living and working in illegal settlements are provided access. This is hugely detrimental to businesses especially tech companies that rely on the internet — other goods and services are limited or prohibited from export by Israeli’s draconian border restrictions.

  • H. - 3 weeks ago

    Use the buycott app

  • Dave skerry - 3 weeks ago

    Ike to donate

  • Timothy Liveright - 12 hours ago

    Based on the following report on the Facebook/Israeli censorship of Palestinian postings, I would like to suggest that Facebook be added to the BDS list: https://theintercept.com/2017/12/30/facebook-says-it-is-deleting-accounts-at-the-direction-of-the-u-s-and-israeli-governments/

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