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Eden Springs Water: Think Before You Drink

Boycott Eden

Eden Springs Water: Think Before You Drink

A report by BDSlist.org

With today’s colossal corporations that span the globe, it can be confusing to identify products that should be subject to BDS, the international campaign using Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions to compel Israel to abide by international law.  One such product is Eden Springs Water.

An Israeli company, Eden Springs delivers over 680 million litres of water across 18 countries, making it one of the world’s leading providers of bottled water in the workplace.  Despite its name, however, this lucrative corporation did not begin as a pristine gift from nature; it began and continues to operate as an illegal occupation of the Golan Heights. Read More

Israel Military Industries

Israel Military Industries at LAAD Defence & Security Exhibit, Brazil 2015
Israel Military Industries at LAAD Defence & Security Exhibit, Brazil 2015

Israel Military Industries

By Alastair Sloan

Sale of Uzi manufacturer highlights Israeli hypocrisy towards arms trade

Israel Military Industries (IMI), the state-owned weapons designer and manufacturer, has been put up for privatisation. If there is one company that encapsulates Israel’s hypocritical approach to the arms trade, crime and human rights, it is IMI; and if there is one weapon, it is IMI’s “Uzi”, the iconic sub-machine gun which for many decades was the company’s darkest jewel. The Uzi factory is the latest component of IMI to hit the market, with investors already gobbling up other parts of the IMI estate greedily.* Read More

Moroccanoil — Israeli beauty products that glamorize apartheid

MoroccanoilMoroccanoil — Israeli beauty products that glamorize apartheid

By Sarah Irving

This post is inspired by my umpteenth conversation with a friend who’s been shocked to find out that Moroccanoil — a hair treatment whose bright turquoise publicity material seems to grace half the beauty salons in Britain — is actually Israeli.

In fact, I’ve even come across people who actively sought out Moroccanoil, deceived by its name into thinking they were buying a North African product.

Yes, the argan oil that is a key ingredient to the product is from beans sourced in Morocco (apparently). And it is North African Arab and Berber women who have used the oil for many years as a skin and hair treatment.

But the product called Moroccanoil — and some other argan-oil based hair treatments — is actually manufactured in Israel Read More

Pastures of Eden Feta

Pastures of Eden Feta

Pastures of Eden and its umbrella group Tnuva has been the target of boycotts for several years as it is in the face of Trader Joe’s customers across the US. Tnuva is the largest dairy producer in Israel with about $1.8 billion in revenues. Tvenu, with 70% market share has actually been the target of  boycotts by Israelis because it has exploited its dominant market share to increase prices higher than many customers felt justifiable.
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  • Divest from Israeli Elbit Systems
  • Elbit Systems Cyber Spying
  • Elbit Systems Drones Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Elbit Systems

Founded in 1967, the Israeli company Elbit Systems has become one of the world’s premiere “security and defence,” firms, specializing in military electronics, surveillance systems, Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs or “drones”), and security systems. It is a symbol for the Israeli economy, which essentially thrives on and fuels war, repression and control in Palestine and around the globe.

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Sabra Dipping Co, LLC

Boycott Sabra Hummus

A report by BDSlist.org

Specialising in dips popular in the Mediterranean region, the Sabra Company is now owned by two independent, global food companies – PepsiCo, based in the US, and Strauss Group, based in Israel. (For Strauss Group’s other brands, see here.)

The term “sabra” is Israeli slang for a Jewish person born in historical Palestine.  The term “sabra” also refers to an extensively upgraded M60 Patton military tank developed by Israel Military Industries.  The company is a subsidiary of Blue & White Foods, LLC, whose name refers to the colours of the Israeli flag. Read More

The List





AMAV toys (e.g. Bracelet Weaving Kit, Sweet Art Cupcake Decorating Set, Brickle Bricks.)


Ahava (e.g. Dead Sea Water Mineral Shower Gel, Dermud Intensive Foot Cream)

Food Products

Eden Water  (bottled and plumbed water coolers)

Abadi Bakery* (e.g. Mediterranean Savory Cookies)

Carmel Winery* (e.g. Carmel Limited Edition, Carmel Mediterranean)

Fresh Produce

Mehadrin* (e.g. “Jaffa” oranges, Greek yoghurt)

Jordan River* (dates)


Stanley Black & Decker (e.g. drills, microwave, juicers)

Clothing/Personal Care

Delta Galil Industries (e.g. textiles found in Victoria’s Secret, Gap, J-Crew, J.C. Penny, Calvin Klein)

Full List

Ahava beauty products

Ahava directly violates the Geneva Convention which states that the natural resources of an occupied land cannot be used for the economic benefit of the occupier.

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  • Marks-and-Spencer-Israeli-Dates
  • TescoDates
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  • Waitrose-Israeli-Dates
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  • dateBrands

Israeli dates

Nearly half of the illegal settlements in the Jordan Valley grow dates and it’s their most profitable crop contributing significantly to their economic viability. That profitability involves illegal underpayment of Palestinian workers, exploitation of child labor and dispossession of Palestinian farmers from their land. Boycotting Israeli dates is one of the most direct ways to target illegal settlements. Read More